Kevin's Slot Car Products – Jan-17

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Manufactured by K Willis Precision Engineering

Unit 1,
Hockley Port Business Centre
All Saints Street
B18 7RL


International Tel: +44 121 554 2746

UK Tel: 0121 5542746

All items are delivered via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery

Prices do not include P&P

Any Ideas for Slot Car Products? KSCP can manufacture it for you!


2mm Hudy Tyre Truer Shaft




Have you got a Hudy Tire Truer, and changing over to 2mm axles, KSCP has the 3mm to 2mm shaft for your truer, simply swap when needed!



ILPE and others manufactures available on request!


2mm Axles



2mm Axles now available, 2Ύ" in length



Diamond Brush Tool



Precision-made diamond coated Brush Tool to open up slot in brush.



Diamond Motor Hones


Precision-made diamond coated magnet hones in a full range of diameters .470” .480” .530” .535” .540” .545” .550”, other sizes to special order at no extra cost.

£27.50* each

*Order 2 or more hones at £25.00 each




Motor Washers


Brass motor washers available in 0.003” and 0.007”

10 of one size only £1.50 or buy 2 sets for £2.80



Motor Slugs

The all new Stainless Steel C Can and D Can Slug, now with added 2mm locating pin to solder your bearing/ball race in.

Buy Now for £18.00 Each


Buy Spare locator pins for £0.20 each




Guide Washers



Stainless Steel Guide washers available in 0.005”, 0.010”, 0.015” and 0.020”

Assorted Pack 5 of each only £1.30




Axle Protection Washers


A stainless steel washer to place either side of your ball race bearings to prevent the inner section from falling out.

Pack of 8 for £1.00


1/32nd and 1/24th Hubs

 Made from a High grade Aluminium to BSCRA Standard sizes.

1/32nd sizes available in 9mm and 10mm. 1/24th sizes available in 10mm and 11mm. 

Either Size only £3.50 pair complete with screws. Anodised Wheels add 25p pair

(Coming Soon)

ORDERED ON REQUEST – Titanium Wheels that are stronger and lighter than the standard wheels. 1/32nd only £4.25 a pair and 1/24th only £4.50 a pair 



Accuracy Gauge


The KSCP accuracy checker has the ability to check Axle’s, Pinion’s, Gears  and   Armatures to 0.0005”. The anodized finish gives the base an added protection and gives a personalized touch. It is so easy to use, all you do is position your merchandise in the two V blocks and rotate, and the clock will show any inaccuracy. Comes in various colours.


Only £135.00




Abrasive Blocks

Abrasive Cleaning block for the cleaning and polishing of chassis. Use on iron steel, aluminium, plastics, ceramics paintwork etc. For finer results the block can be used with water, white spirit, or paraffin.

Only £5.00





Dremel Polishing Tools

Dremel attachments. Available in Bullet tips, round disks and tapered wheels.

Set of any 3 for £2.50





Proslot Anodized Spring Cups

Available in Red and Blue or special order on request available in Black, Purple, Gold and Green.

Only £1.25 a pair




Axle Retainers

Always loosing axle spacers?

A solution is now available, two grub screw brass or anodized aluminium retainers to hold axel spacers in place.  Only £1.00 a pair





KSCP Strap Cans (Coming Soon)

Precision Turned to a very high standard Strap Cans 0.250”, 0.300” and 0.350”

Designed especially for the Koford End bell.

Only £35.00




Grub Screws

Always loosing screws? Grub Screws available in sets of 10, standard thread for most wheels and gears.

10 for only £1.20


Feeler Gauge Set

Gauge including 0.5mm (0.020”) and 0.8mm (0.030”) needed for BSCRA regulations

Only £10.00


Hand Reamers

For all slot car needs. Four sizes available, Sizes include:



1.5mm to 2mm Armature Converter


Precision made 1.5mm to 2mm converter to use when you have ground  your armature


Only £0.55ea